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Fedex Billing was founded with a vision of high quality customer service. Our mission is to ensure accurate and efficient billing programs, reduce operating cost, and provide exceptional customer service. UBS prides itself on customer service and provides 100% of our attention to answering questions and solving problems for our clients and customers. From day one, our company has promoted water conservation and efficiency for utilities. UBS services multi-family residential communities, and commercial properties. We provide utility sub-metering and billing services for any needs such as water, gas, and electric. We also offer customized maintenance programs with highly trained professionals. Our programs offer easy web access to accounts for the residents and property managers.

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As your first choice for utility sub-metering and billing services, Fedex Billing is proud to serve the Multi-family Residential Industry. Our company provides services for all parts of the industry including Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Townhomes, Duplexes, Hi-Rise and Low-Rise Buildings, as well as Student and Public Housing. We strive to provide the most advanced technology for every home and to ensure accuracy and efficiency for every client. We provide our friendly customer care and always promote conservation.

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We use only high quality components for our sub-metering systems and are certified in the installation of all Automatic Meter Read (AMR) systems currently available. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience in the industry. We provide services for both new construction and retrofit projects in the Multi-family and Commercial Industries.

Utility Sub-Metering Services

Utility Sub-Metering is the measuring of a given utility by installing a meter, which measures the utility volume, at all inlet points. Sub-Metering can reduce overall consumption by as much as 30%. Sub-Metering is a cost effective way to conserve any utility and to recover your utility costs. Nationally, it has been proven that the cost of sub-metering can often be recovered within a few months.We also provide a dedicated project manager, for each of our sub-metering projects.

Utility Billing Services

Allocation involves measuring a partial amount of a utility consumed. Allocation is used when total capture is not practical, usually due to the layout of the existing plumbing infrastructure. Allocation usage is totaled and compared to the total utility quantity billed. Once this is complete, formulas are used to calculate the unmeasured use to arrive at the total utility use per unit. Allocation is necessary for some properties and several states have laws that dictate how allocation is used.

Property Billing Audits

Fedex Billing believes that each property is different and needs our services to be tailored to them. Our professionals can perform property audits in order to pinpoint the best solutions for you. UBS will provide a customized evaluation based on the plumbing configuration, the construction of the property, and your budget. Our professionals will help develop the best resolution and tailor our billing services to meet your needs.

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